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Dr Terrina Dickson Private GP

A personalised Private GP Service in the centre of Edinburgh with easy access by car, bus, tram and train.

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Private GP

A GP service tailored to patient’s individual needs.
We offer appointments of varying lengths, phone consultations and house visits.

Dr Terrina Dickson has over thirty years’ experience in the medical profession. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1989 and initially trained as a surgeon before qualifying as a GP with a special interest in Dermatology, Minor Surgery and Women’s Health. She is also an experienced Vasectomy Surgeon.

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Medical Services 

Your body is a little like a car – as it ages areas can function less well or can become defective. 
We make sure our cars are regularly serviced and have a yearly MOT to get the best out our cars, maybe we should be as kind to our bodies.
Your Heath is important. Regular health checks and screening can pick up conditions early allowing early treatment and hopefully prevent or reduce complications from undetected conditions.

Our “See and Treat” appointments are suitable for a variety of skin lesions and moles
Skin lesions can be assessed and treated on the same day or later if preferred.

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The incidence of Melanoma is increasing. If you notice a new mole or a changing mole as an adult, you should have it examined to exclude melanoma.
Melanoma diagnosed early is almost always curable and while it is not the commonest of skin cancers it causes the most deaths.
Lifetime risk of melanoma for men is 1 in 55 and 1 in 56 for women.

Vasectomy is a procedure to render you permanently sterile and you will no longer be able to father children.
It is the most reliable form of contraception once the “all clear” has been given
We use the minimally invasive technique.

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We offer Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) – Harmony Test to look for chromosomal abnormalities during pregnancy.
We can also arrange referrals for pregnancy scans and offer pre delivery screening for Group B Streptococcal infection.

Some skin lesions, warts and verrucae are suitable for treatment with cryotherapy.
Cryotherapy “freezes” the skin lesions or warts and may need several treatments

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Skin has many functions including providing a protective barrier, preventing loss of moisture, regulation of body temperature and production of vitamin D.
Skin conditions can stop the skin functioning properly and be challenging and disruptive to daily life.
We offer longer appointments to assess your skin condition.

Dr Terrina Dickson

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Private GP

MBChB degree in medicine, Diploma in Dermatology. General Medical Council registered (GMC reference no: 3326428). I am fully qualified to offer a range of services, and specialise in skin, vasectomies and minor surgery.

I've been involved with establishing Dermatology, Minor Surgery and Men's Health courses with the Lister Institute, and have written numerous articles for medical journals.

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