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GP Appointments and Health Screening Services

Private GP & Health Screening: Welcome

An Experienced Health Professional


Quick consultation: £100
Standard consultation: £150
45 minutes: £200
60 minutes: £250
Additional time: pro rata

WellMan and WellWomen Health assessments from: £575

Our customer care team headed by Liz will be able to discuss these with you at the time of booking.

Private GP & Health Screening: About Us


Private GP & Health Screening: What We Do

Quick Consultation
(15 minutes)

This appointment is suitable for flu vaccinations, prescription reviews, mini mole screen and referral consultations. 

Standard Consultation
(30 minutes)

Our routine consultation, this is also suitable for dermatology consultations and vasectomy counselling. 

Extended Consultation
(45-60 minutes)

This appointment is suitable for multiple or complex health issues. 
All appointments include non-controlled prescriptions and imaging and specialist referrals and can take place either in person or by phone (if appropriate). 

Investigations, controlled drug prescriptions and certificates/doctor’s letters will incur additional fees. Our customer care team headed by Liz will be able to discuss these with you at the time of booking. 

Health Screening
(60 Minutes) 

Well Man and Well Woman Health “MOT” s
Before you arrive at the clinic you should complete the health questionnaire that will have been sent or emailed to you. This helps us to understand your background health, medical conditions and current treatments. If you are unsure of any questions, don’t worry, we will run through it all during your health screening.
Your appointment will take one hour with the doctor. She will check your height, weight, measure your waist and hips. Your blood pressure will be taken and a heart tracing (ECG). While you are comfy on the couch, we do another set of tests called a body stat. This is painless and involves sticking adhesive tabs on your wrist and ankle and it tells us what your body is made up of. This is useful for giving dietary advice. There is a general physical examination and for men there is the option of a testicular examination, and for the ladies a breast examination. 

These are not compulsory and if you do not feel comfortable having these examinations just let Dr Dickson know and she can talk you through self-examination. Finally, we take a blood sample and test your urine. The bloods we test for include:
Full blood count
Kidney and liver function
Cholesterol and Lipid Profile
Thyroid function
Glucose control – random glucose and HbA1c which looks at longer term control.

PSA for men and Ca125 for women. 

If there are any other test or investigations, you are interested in please feel free to discuss during the consultation.

What happens next: Your results will be received and reviewed by Dr Dickson within 2-3 working days. If there is a significant result, she will ring you directly to discuss. For all other results she will complete a detailed report and you should receive this within 14 days. Once you have received your report, we recommend you read it through and if you are unsure of anything you can email Dr Dickson with any queries. If you prefer to discuss things further face to face this can be arranged, however it is not included in the health MOT package

Pregnancy services

Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)

This is a blood test for pregnant women of any age or risk category.
It is available for Singleton and Twin pregnancies. 
The test assesses for the following Chromosome abnormalities: Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome), Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome) and Trisomy 13 (Patau Syndrome)
It also looks at the sex chromosomes and can identify the sex of the baby, if you wish and checks for Sex Chromosome abnormalities:
Turner Syndrome (XO), Triple X Syndrome (XXX) and Klinefelter's Syndrome (XXY)
Patients need to be over 10 weeks pregnant confirmed by a dating scan.
Results may take up to 5 – 7 working days


Pregnancy Services

Arrange a Health Screening or Medical Consultation in Edinburgh

Contact me on  07842 510942 or 07808 725338 to book an appointment.

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Private GP & Health Screening: Price Quote
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