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 Dermatology Specialist

For a range of skin conditions and concerns contact me today to discuss your requirement's.

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An initial Dermatology appointment is 30 minutes.
A full history of your skin condition is taken with a list of your previous treatments.
We will discuss your skin condition, any investigations required and treatment and ongoing management. 

Mole Screening

Mini Mole Screen (Lesion Assessment)
A 15-minute consultation for patients who only require a few moles or skin lesions to be assessed.
The moles and skin lesions are examined using a Handyscope™ and the images can be stored securely for future Comparison if required.

Mole Screen (Full Body Skin examination)
Our Full body Mole Screen looks for early change within moles looking to identify melanoma as early as possible. 
It is a 30-minute appointment and includes a general skin check looking for pre-malignant changes and early signs of non-melanoma skin cancer.

Imaging of Moles and skin lesions using a Handyscope™
Images are reviewed during the consultation and recommendations discussed.
Images are uploaded to a secure server to be stored for future comparison.

If you would like to regularly review your moles, we offer a recall service where you receive an annual reminder. You can opt out at any time.

Other skin issues

If you are worried about any skin problems, it is always worth getting it checked, even if it turns out to be minor. I am happy to take a look at your skin and any marks, spots or growths you are worried about, and offer treatment advice.

Discuss your skin with a trusted specialist

Book an appointment with a dermatology specialist today by calling 07842 510942 or 07808 725338.

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